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Prometheus: GitHub Exporter – creating own exporter for GitHub API

11 June 2023

  Recently, I got a new interesting task – to build a dashboard in Grafana that would display the status of our development process and its performance, that is, the efficiency of our DevOps processes. This is necessary because we are trying to build “true continuous deployment” so that the code automatically enters Production, and… Read More »

GitLab: Helm chart of values, dependencies, and deployment in Kubernetes with AWS S3

4 February 2023

  We continue our engagement with GitLab and its deployment in Kubernetes. The first part – GitLab: Components, Architecture, Infrastructure, and Launching from the Helm Chart in Minikube, and now let’s get ready to deploy to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service. What will we do and where: deploy to AWS from the Helm-chart, with some test env Kubernetes… Read More »

GitLab: Components, Architecture, Infrastructure, and Launching from the Helm Chart in Minikube

2 February 2023

  As GitLab recently changed the policy of providing free access, and now only 5 users will be available for the Free subscription, we decided to move to the self-hosted version. In general, they have interesting terms with the license: the price depends on the number of users, you can buy it for at least… Read More »

Git: scan repositories for secrets using Gitleaks

16 August 2021

 A confidential data leak such as RDS keys or passwords to a Git repository, even if it is a private Github repository, is a very bad thing and it’s good to check your repositories to know if any developer pushed a commit with such data. Scanning utilities To check Git repositories for a leak, at… Read More »

ArgoCD: an overview, SSL configuration, and an application deploy

22 November 2020

 ArgoCD helps to deliver applications to Kubernetes by using the GitOps approach, i.e. when a Git-repository is used as a source of trust, thus all manifest, configs and other data are stored in a repository. It can b used with Kubernetes manifest, kustomize, ksonnet, jsonnet, and what we are using in our project – Helm-charts.… Read More »

Git: git clone – fatal: unable to fork and RSA key fingerprint

23 October 2020

 We have a Docker image with Git client installed. The task is to automatically clone a repository when running a container from this image. git clone – fatal: unable to fork When running the git clone command in a container from this Docker image it fails with the “unable to fork” error: [simterm] / #… Read More »

SonarQube: the “SCM provider autodetection failed” error

19 June 2019

 We have a fresh SonarQube installation (see details in the SonarQube: running tests from Jenkins Pipeline from Docker post). The issue But in its dashboard there is always an error: SCM provider autodetection failed. Please use “sonar.scm.provider” to define SCM of your project, or disable the SCM Sensor in the project settings. Also, it’s displayed… Read More »

Linux: GPG-keys, Pass – passwords manager, and passwords import from the KeePass database

25 April 2019

 pass – a password manager for Linux/UNIX. Stores data in tree-based directories/files structure and encrypts files with a GPG-key. In Arch Linux present by default, in Debian can be installed using apt from default repositories: [simterm] $ sudo apt install pass [/simterm] For macOS can be installed with Homebrew: [simterm] $ brew install pass [/simterm]… Read More »