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GNU Privacy Guard, a free-software replacement for Symantec’s PGP cryptographic software suite, complies with RFC 4880, the IETF standards-track specification of OpenPGP.

Helm: helm-secrets – sensitive data encryption with AWS KMS and use it with Jenkins

16 May 2020

 So, as a follow-up to the Helm: Kubernetes package manager – an overview, getting started post – let’s discuss about sensitive data in our Helm charts. What I want is to store a chart files in a repository, but even if such a repo will be a private Github repo – I still don’t want… Read More »

Linux: GPG-keys, Pass – passwords manager, and passwords import from the KeePass database

25 April 2019

 pass – a password manager for Linux/UNIX. Stores data in tree-based directories/files structure and encrypts files with a GPG-key. In Arch Linux present by default, in Debian can be installed using apt from default repositories: [simterm] $ sudo apt install pass [/simterm] For macOS can be installed with Homebrew: [simterm] $ brew install pass [/simterm]… Read More »