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GitHub Actions: Docker build to AWS ECR and Helm chart deployment to AWS EKS

7 October 2023

 So, we have a deployed Kubernetes cluster – see the Terraform: Creating EKS, Part 1 – VPCs, Subnets, and Endpoints series. And we have a GitHub Actions workflow to deploy it – see GitHub Actions: Deploying Dev/Prod environments with Terraform. It’s time to start deploying our backend to Kubernetes. Here we will use GitHub Actions… Read More »

Helm: multiple deployment of the same chart with Chart’s dependency

19 August 2023

  To improve the performance of Grafana Loki, it is necessary to install several almost identical instances of Memcached, see Grafana Loki: performance optimization with Recording Rules, caching, and parallel queries. The monitoring stack itself is deployed from one Helm chart, which dependencies – Promtail, Loki, etc – are added through the dependency field of… Read More »

Prometheus: running Pushgateway on Kubernetes with Helm and Terraform

28 April 2023

  We have a lot of AWS Lambda functions in the project, and developers want to be able to send metrics to our Prometheus to add their own alerts and graphs in Grafana. For this, the functions use the Prometheus library, which allows these metrics to be created (see Prometheus: Building a Custom Prometheus Exporter… Read More »

GitLab: Helm chart of values, dependencies, and deployment in Kubernetes with AWS S3

4 February 2023

  We continue our engagement with GitLab and its deployment in Kubernetes. The first part – GitLab: Components, Architecture, Infrastructure, and Launching from the Helm Chart in Minikube, and now let’s get ready to deploy to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service. What will we do and where: deploy to AWS from the Helm-chart, with some test env Kubernetes… Read More »

Kustomize: managing Kubernetes manifests – an overview, and examples

15 January 2023

 Kustomize is a configuration management tool for Kubernetes that allows you to use common sets of manifests that can be changed for each specific environment/cluster, and can be an alternative to (or complement) Helm templates. The general concept of Kustomize is “where, what, and how”: “where” is a base manifest, for example deployment.yaml “what” –… Read More »

Grafana Loki: architecture and running in Kubernetes with AWS S3 storage and boltdb-shipper

7 January 2023

  The last time I worked with Loki when it was still in Beta, and it looked much simpler then than it does now. In the new project, there is no logging system at all, and since we all love the Grafana stack, we also decided to use Loki for logging. Although to be honest,… Read More »

Kubernetes: spec.ports[0].nodePort: Forbidden: may not be used when `type` is ‘ClusterIP’

5 May 2021

 During applications deploy from a Helm chart described in the Istio: shared Ingress/AWS ALB, Helm chart with conditions, Istio, and ExternalDNS we are getting the “spec.ports[0].nodePort: Forbidden: may not be used when `type` is ‘ClusterIP’” error. Let’s reproduce it and find solutions with kubectl and Helm to solve it. The “spec.ports[0].nodePort: Forbidden: may not be… Read More »

Jenkins: Redis deployment, and Helm subchart values

1 November 2020

 The task is to create a Jenkins job to deploy Redis to Dev/Stage/Prod Kubernetes clusters. In the Redis: running Master-Slave replication in Kubernetes we did it manually to see how it’s working, now it’s time to automate it. The main question is how to pass parameters for different environments during the deployment? I’d like to… Read More »

Kubernetes: running SQL migrations with Kubernetes Job and Helm hook

27 October 2020

 We have a project running in Kubernetes that needs to run SQL migrations during deployment. To run migrations need to clone a Github repository and run actually migrations stored in it. Currently, this is done with Kubernetes initContainers , and there are two of them – the first one with git clones the repository with… Read More »

Helm: reusable chart – named templates, and a generic chart for multiple applications

20 October 2020

 Our project is growing, and more and more applications are started on the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service. Finally, we’ve faced with the question already mentioned in the Helm: пошаговое создание чарта и деплоймента из Jenkins (Rus) – what to do with Kubernetes manifests and Helm templates when using a lot of similar applications? Especially now,… Read More »