SonarQube: the “SCM provider autodetection failed” error

By | 06/19/2019

We have a fresh SonarQube installation (see details in the SonarQube: running tests from Jenkins Pipeline from Docker post).


The issue

But in its dashboard there is always an error:

SCM provider autodetection failed. Please use “sonar.scm.provider” to define SCM of your project, or disable the SCM Sensor in the project settings.

Also, it’s displayed in a Jenkins builds results.

SonarQube’s Git integration documentation – here>>>.

Setting the sonar.scm.provider=git option explicitly didn’t help:

ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
ERROR: SCM provider was set to “git” but no SCM provider found for this key. No SCM provider installed

But now the root cause became more obvious:

No SCM provider installed

The solution

Go to the SonarQube, Administration > Marketplace and install the Git plugin:

Restart SonarQube and run Jenkin’s job again:

INFO: SCM provider for this project is: git

And SonarQube now will display authors, commits etc: