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Slack: switch back to the old experience (UI and theme)

20 September 2023

 If you are struggling with the new UI in Slack application, and you’re running it on Mac or Linux, you can switch it back (may work for the Windows app too, I think). Thanks to this tweet from @QuinnyPig. 1. Exit from the running Slack instance 2. Open a terminal, and set the SLACK_DEVELOPER_MENU variable:… Read More »

AWS: Trusted Advisor, part 2 – CloudWatch Alarms and Slack notifications

29 November 2021

 Continuing with the theme of the AWS Trusted Advisor service, let’s see how can we configure notifications about new findings. The first part: AWS: Trusted Advisor, part 1 – its features overview. To have notifications, we can use Trusted Advisor metrics from the CloudWatch, see their list on the Trusted Advisor metrics and dimensions page.… Read More »

Git: scan repositories for secrets using Gitleaks

16 August 2021

 A confidential data leak such as RDS keys or passwords to a Git repository, even if it is a private Github repository, is a very bad thing and it’s good to check your repositories to know if any developer pushed a commit with such data. Scanning utilities To check Git repositories for a leak, at… Read More »

Slack: Cannot read property ‘appTeams’ of undefined

23 September 2020

 I have Slack desktop running on Arch Linux. It was installed from AUR and usually works fine. But today after rebooting my laptop Slack won’t start again sying it has the ‘appTeams’ property error: [simterm] $ slack Initializing local storage instance at path: /home/setevoy/.config/Slack/local-settings.json Failed to get path for key, this may be expected: /home/setevoy/.config/autostart… Read More »

Jenkins: a job to check a Github organization’s public repositories list

16 April 2019

 Proceeding with a Github repositories checker. To recall: the idea is to have such a check in case if somebody from developers accidentally will share our project’s private repository as public, or will create a public repository instead of making it as a private one – we will get a Slack alarm about such a… Read More »

Go: checking public repositories list in Github. Go slices comparison. The first Golang experience.

13 April 2019

 The task is to write a tool which will be started from a Jenkin’s job by a cron and will check an organization’s public repositories list in the Github. A Docker-image build and a Jenkins job are described in the Jenkins: a job to check a Github organization’s public repositories list post. Then it has… Read More »