Slack: switch back to the old experience (UI and theme)

By | 09/20/2023

If you are struggling with the new UI in Slack application, and you’re running it on Mac or Linux, you can switch it back (may work for the Windows app too, I think).

Thanks to this tweet from @QuinnyPig.

1. Exit from the running Slack instance

2. Open a terminal, and set the SLACK_DEVELOPER_MENU variable:


3. Run Slack from that terminal:

$ slack &

4. On the running Slack window, press Ctrl+Alt+I (Command + Option + I on Mac) to open the Developer Console:

5. Run in the Console:

localStorage.setItem("localConfig_V2", localStorage.getItem("localConfig_V2").replace (/\"is_unified_user_client_enabled\":true/g, '\"is_unified_user_client_enabled\": false'))

6. Go to the Slack window, and press Ctrl+R to reload it – and you’ll get your nice-looking Slack back again:

If the code above doesn’t work – try with the following:

localStorage.localConfig_v2 = localStorage.localConfig_v2.replace(/\"is_unified_user_client_enabled\":true/g, '\"is_unified_user_client_enabled\": false')