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Terraform: building EKS, part 4 – installing controllers

16 September 2023

  The last, fourth part, in which we will install the rest of the controllers and add a couple of useful little things. All the parts: Terraform: building EKS, part 1 – VPC, Subnets and Endpoints Terraform: building EKS, part 2 – an EKS cluster, WorkerNodes, and IAM Terraform: building EKS, part 3 – Karpenter… Read More »

Terraform: building EKS, part 3 – Karpenter installation

16 September 2023

 This is the third part of deploying an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster with Terraform, in which we will add Karpenter to our cluster. I’ve decided to post this separately because it’s quite a long post. And in the next and final (hopefully!), the fourth part, we will add the rest – all kinds of… Read More »

Terraform: Building EKS, part 2 – an EKS cluster, WorkerNodes, and IAM

10 September 2023

  We continue the topic of deploying an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster using Terraform. In the first part, we prepared an AWS VPC. In this part, we’ll deploy the EKS cluster itself, and will configure AIM for it, and in the next parts, we’ll install Karpenter and the rest of the controllers. All the… Read More »

Terraform: Building EKS, part 1 – VPC, Subnets and Endpoints

10 September 2023

  So, now that we’ve been reminded a bit about Terraform’s data types and loops, it’s time to start building something real. The first thing we will deploy with Terraform is the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster and all the resources associated with it because now it is done with AWS CDK, and in addition… Read More »

Terraform: dynamic remote state with AWS S3 and multiple environments by directory

3 September 2023

  Following the series of posts about preparing to use Terraform on a project. So, in the first part, we thought about how to organize the preparation of the backend for the project, that is, to perform its bootstrap, and a bit – how to manage the Dev/Prod environments in general, see Terraform: Getting started… Read More »

Terraform: remote state with AWS S3, and state locking with DynamoDB

3 September 2023

  We are preparing to transfer infrastructure management from AWS CDK to Terraform. I’ve already wrote about planning it in the Terraform: planning a new project with Dev/Prod environments post, but there I didn’t wrote about one very important option – creating a lock for state files. State file locking is used to avoid situations… Read More »

AWS: Getting started with Karpenter for autoscaling in EKS, and its installation with Helm

19 August 2023

  On all my previous projects where Kubernetes was, for its WorkerNodes scaling I’ve used the Cluster Autoscaler (CAS) because actually there were no other options before. In general, CAS worked well, but in November 2020 AWS released its own solution for scaling nodes in EKS – the Karpenter, and if at first time reviews… Read More »

AWS: Grafana Loki, InterZone traffic in AWS, and Kubernetes nodeAffinity

19 August 2023

  Traffic in AWS is generally quite an interesting and sometimes complicated thing, I once wrote about it in the AWS: Cost optimization – services expenses overview and traffic costs in AWS. Now, it’s time to return to this topic again. So, what’s the problem: in AWS Cost Explorer, I’ve noticed that we have an… Read More »

VictoriaMetrics: deploying a Kubernetes monitoring stack

23 July 2023

  Now we have VictoriaMetrics + Grafana on a regular EC2 instance, launched with Docker Compose, see the VictoriaMetrics: an overview and its use instead of Prometheus. It was kind of a Proof of Concept, and it’s time to launch it “in an adult way” – in Kubernetes and all the configurations stored in a… Read More »