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Pritunl: launching a VPN in AWS on EC2 with Terraform

23 June 2024

  I’ve already written a little about Pritunl before – Pritunl: Running a VPN in Kubernetes. Let’s return to this topic again, but this time on EC2 in AWS, without Kubernetes. So, what we need to do is to run some kind of VPN service for the project to have access to Kubernetes APIs/Kubernetes WorkerNodes/AWS… Read More »

Pritunl: running VPN in Kubernetes

5 October 2022

  Pritunl is a VPN server with a bunch of advanced security and access control features. In fact, it is just a wrapper over OpenVPN, adding such Access Control Lists to it in the form of Organizations, users, and routes. The task is to deploy a Pritunl test instance in Kubernetesб so we can take a… Read More »

OpenVPN: the No route to host and ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE errors – the cause and a solution

14 October 2019

 We have an OpenVPN Access Server running, see its setup in the OpenVPN: OpenVPN Access Server set up and AWS VPC peering configuration post. The VPN server is hosted in a first AWS VPC, while a Bitwarden service – in another one VPC. Between those VPCs we have a VPC peering configured, and the OpenVPN… Read More »

OpenVPN: Let’s Encrypt DNS verification on AWS Route53 and OpenVPN Access Server SSL certificate auto update

24 May 2019

 In addition to the OpenVPN: SSL and hostname configuration post about OpenVPN Access Server, set up and configuration. So, three months passed and it’s time to renew Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate (see. Prometheus: Alertmanager и blackbox-exporter — проверка срока действия SSL и нотификация в Slack, Rus). I could use a well-know for me scheme with… Read More »

AWS: VPC peering DNS resolution and DNS settings for OpenVPN Access Server

17 May 2019

 We have a VPC with OpenVPN Access Server running. This VPC is connected with other VPCs in our AWS account. The issue is that currently when a user is connected to VPN for the DNS resolution into EC2 instances private IPswe are using dnsmasq service on the VPN-host which has a /etc/dnsmasq.hosts file where are manually… Read More »

Arch Linux: OpenVPN – resolv.conf is not updated

2 March 2019

 On an Arch Linux setup – local resolv.conf not updated after connection to OpenVPN AS. As far as I know – the problem is specific to Arch Linux and its “child’s” like Manjaro Linux installations. Local openvpn installed via pacman – see the OpenVPN: OpenVPN Access Server set up and AWS VPC peering configuration post for… Read More »

OpenVPN: SSL and hostname configuration

26 February 2019

 We already have our OpenVPN AS running in Production, so a few more posts about last steps in its configuration. For now – need to configure SSL to avoid alerts in clients browsers. OpenVPN AS documentation for SSL setup – here>>>. Let’s Encrypt Install Let’s Encrypt client: [simterm] root@openvpnas2:~# git clone https://github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt /opt/letsencrypt [/simterm] Open… Read More »

OpenVPN: OpenVPN Access Server set up and AWS VPC peering configuration

21 February 2019

 OpenVPN Access Server is ready to use OpenVPN server which requires minimal configuration. The free version allows you to have two clients. If you need more – you can buy additional licenses. Infrastructure description Currently to access our resources such as Jenkins, Nexus etc we are using Allow Rules in AWS Security Groups where each user… Read More »