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Linux: processes core dumps, systemd-coredump and Debian

14 March 2020

 Need to get a dump from fro ma PHP process on Debian 9. In this post will take a Linux kernel mechanism to create and manage processes dumps. Kernel’s dumps are created in another way, check Kdump на Arch Wiki. Linux Core Dump The kernel will create a process dump if it performed an invalid… Read More »

Linux: systemd-unit files edit, restart on failure and email notifications

1 March 2019

 We have a RabbitMQ service which sometimes can go down. So need to: restart it if is exited with the failure send an email notification Let’s do it via RabbitMQ’s systemd service (though there are various options, e.g. using the monit, check the Monit: мониторинг и перезапуск NGINX post). Will use two options here: RestartSec=: delay… Read More »