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Redis: replication, part 3 – redis-py and work with Redis Sentinel from Python

1 April 2019

 Still on the subject about Redis replication and Redis Sentinel – a couple of examples using the redis-py library for Python. Previous series posts: Redis: replication, part 1 – an overview. Replication vs Sharding. Sentinel vs Cluster. Redis topology Redis: replication, part 2 – Master-Slave replication, and Redis Sentinel All Redis clients for Python can be… Read More »

What is: YAML – its overview, basic data types, YAML vs JSON, and PyYAML

14 March 2019

 YAML – is one of the most popular formats of the… Well, actually, they don’t know the format of what… Originally it was the «Yet Another Markup Language», later it became «YAML Ain’t Markup Language»: Originally YAML was said to mean Yet Another Markup Language,[12] referencing its purpose as a markup languagewith the yet another construct, but it was then… Read More »