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AWS: VPC Flow Logs, NAT Gateways, and Kubernetes Pods – a detailed overview

5 May 2024

 We have a relatively large spending on AWS NAT Gateway Processed Bytes, and it became interesting to know what exactly is processed through it. It would seem that everything is simple – just turn on VPC Flow Logs and see what’s what. But when it comes to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service and NAT Gateways, things… Read More »

AWS: EKS Pod Identities – a replacement for IRSA? Simplifying IAM access management

16 December 2023

 Another very interesting new feature from the latest re:Invent is the EKS Pod Identities: a new ability to manage Pod access to AWS resources. The current state: IAM Roles for Service Accounts Before that, we used the IAM Roles for Service Accounts (IRSA) model, where in order to give a Pod access to, for example,… Read More »

AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service: RBAC Authorization via AWS IAM and RBAC Groups

25 November 2023

 We have two new projects in the Elastic Kubernetes Service (см. AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service: a cluster creation automation, part 1 – CloudFormation), each project lives in its own separate Namespace. In addition, there are two users, developers, who need to be given access to these two Namespaces, but only to Pods in them and… Read More »

Terraform: building EKS, part 4 – installing controllers

16 September 2023

  The last, fourth part, in which we will install the rest of the controllers and add a couple of useful little things. All the parts: Terraform: building EKS, part 1 – VPC, Subnets and Endpoints Terraform: building EKS, part 2 – an EKS cluster, WorkerNodes, and IAM Terraform: building EKS, part 3 – Karpenter… Read More »

Terraform: building EKS, part 3 – Karpenter installation

16 September 2023

 This is the third part of deploying an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster with Terraform, in which we will add Karpenter to our cluster. I’ve decided to post this separately because it’s quite a long post. And in the next and final (hopefully!), the fourth part, we will add the rest – all kinds of… Read More »

Terraform: Building EKS, part 2 – an EKS cluster, WorkerNodes, and IAM

10 September 2023

  We continue the topic of deploying an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster using Terraform. In the first part, we prepared an AWS VPC. In this part, we’ll deploy the EKS cluster itself, and will configure AIM for it, and in the next parts, we’ll install Karpenter and the rest of the controllers. All the… Read More »

AWS: Getting started with Karpenter for autoscaling in EKS, and its installation with Helm

19 August 2023

  On all my previous projects where Kubernetes was, for its WorkerNodes scaling I’ve used the Cluster Autoscaler (CAS) because actually there were no other options before. In general, CAS worked well, but in November 2020 AWS released its own solution for scaling nodes in EKS – the Karpenter, and if at first time reviews… Read More »

AWS: Kubernetes – AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store integration

22 July 2023

  Storing access data in Kubernetes Secrets has an important drawback, because they are only available within the Kubernetes cluster itself. To make them available to external services, we can use Hashicorp Vault and integrate it with Kubernetes using solutions such as vault-k8sor use services from AWS – Secrets Manager or Parameter Store. Integrating AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter… Read More »

AWS: CDK and Python – configure an IAM OIDC Provider, and install Kubernetes Controllers

22 July 2023

  So we have an AWS EKS cluster built with AWS CDK and Python – AWS: CDK and Python – building an EKS cluster, and general impressions of CDK, and we have an idea of how IRSA works – AWS: EKS, OpenID Connect, and ServiceAccounts. The next step after deploying the cluster is to configure the… Read More »