Monthly Archives: May 2024

Dependabot: GitHub, and Terraform versions management

30 May 2024

  Over time, as the project grows, sooner or later the question of upgrading versions of packages, modules, and charts will arise. You can do it manually, of course, but only up to a certain point, because eventually you simply won’t be able to physically monitor and update everything. There are many solutions for automating… Read More »

Helm: UPGRADE FAILED: another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress

24 May 2024

 Sometimes, when deploying Helm charts, the error “UPGRADE FAILED: another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress” may appear: It can occur because the previous deployment failed due to errors in the chart, or the connection between the build machine and the Kubernetes cluster was lost. Check the release status with ls –all: $ helm -n dev-backend-api-ns… Read More »

AWS: VPC Flow Logs, NAT Gateways, and Kubernetes Pods – a detailed overview

5 May 2024

 We have a relatively large spending on AWS NAT Gateway Processed Bytes, and it became interesting to know what exactly is processed through it. It would seem that everything is simple – just turn on VPC Flow Logs and see what’s what. But when it comes to AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service and NAT Gateways, things… Read More »