Yearly Archives: 2024

Terraform: EKS and Karpenter version upgrade 19.21 to 20.0

13 July 2024

 It seems like a common task to update a version of a Terraform module, but terraform-aws-modules/eks version 20.0 had some pretty big changes with breaking changes. The changes relate to authentication and authorization in AWS IAM and AWS EKS, which I analyzed in the post AWS: Kubernetes and Access Management API, the new authentication in… Read More »

EcoFlow: monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

7 July 2024

 In continuation of the topic with Підготовка до зими 2024-2025: ДБЖ, інвертори, та акумулятори (in Ukrainian). Surprise – there’s even a Prometheus exporter for the EcoFlow – berezhinskiy/ecoflow_exporter! It looks really cool. I launched it, looked at it, and ran to write this post. It can be run in a couple of clicks with Docker… Read More »

AWS: Kubernetes and Access Management API, the new authentication in EKS

7 July 2024

  Another cool feature that Amazon showed back at the last re:Invent in November 2023 is changes in how AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service authenticates and authorizes users. And this applies not only to the cluster’s users, but also to its WorkerNodes. I mean, it’s not really a new scheme (November 2023) – but I just… Read More »

AWS: RDS IAM database authentication, EKS Pod Identities, and Terraform

7 July 2024

  We’re preparing to migrate our Backend API database from DynamoDB to AWS RDS with PostgreSQL, and finally decided to try out AWS RDS IAM database authentication, which appeared in 2021. IAM database authentication, as the name implies, allows us to authenticate to RDS using AWS IAM instead of the login-password from the database server… Read More »

AWS: Cost optimization – an overview of Bills, Cost Explorer, and the costs control

23 June 2024

 Let’s continue our series on cost optimization in AWS. Previous posts: AWS: cost optimization – purchasing RDS Reserved Instances AWS: Cost Explorer – costs checking on the CloudWatch Logs example AWS: Cost optimization – services expenses overview and traffic costs in AWS Now that we understand what we pay for in AWS, let’s see what… Read More »

Kubernetes: monitoring Events with kubectl and Grafana Loki

23 June 2024

  In Kubernetes, in addition to metrics and logs from containers, we can get information about the operation of components using Kubernetes Events. Events usually store information about the status of Pods (creation, evict, kill, ready or not-ready status of pods), WorkerNodes (status of servers), Kubernetes Scheduler (inability to start a pod, etc.). Kubernetes Events… Read More »

AWS: Karpenter and SSH for Kubernetes WorkerNodes

23 June 2024

  We have an AWS EKS cluster with WorkerNodes/EC2 created with Karpenter. The process of creating the infrastructure, cluster, and launching Karpenter is described in previous posts: Terraform: Building EKS, part 1 – VPC, Subnets and Endpoints Terraform: Building EKS, part 2 – an EKS cluster, WorkerNodes, and IAM Terraform: Building EKS, part 3 –… Read More »

Pritunl: launching a VPN in AWS on EC2 with Terraform

23 June 2024

  I’ve already written a little about Pritunl before – Pritunl: Running a VPN in Kubernetes. Let’s return to this topic again, but this time on EC2 in AWS, without Kubernetes. So, what we need to do is to run some kind of VPN service for the project to have access to Kubernetes APIs/Kubernetes WorkerNodes/AWS… Read More »