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TestRail: reset admin password

13 May 2019

 We have a TestRail installation but suddenly lose its Admin user password. The Reset Password says that “Email sending failed” although email was configured and users are able to get emails from the server. Also, the log /var/www/testrail.example.com/logs/log-2019-05-13.php didn’t says anything so will reset password in another way – by update this TestRail MySQL database… Read More »

TestRail: QA Test Case Management installation on Linux

22 March 2019

 TestRail – Test Case Management Software for QA and Development Teams. Well – that’s all needed as a description) Below – its installation on Debian Linux with NGINX, Let’s Encrypt, PHP-FPM, MariaDB, and Exim. Project’s homepage – www.gurock.com/testrail Installation official documentation – here>>>. Setup will be on an AWS EC2. LEMP and SSL Login to… Read More »