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Linux: configuring KDE Connect and connection to an Android phone

24 June 2020

 A really nice Android phone and a Linux OS integration. Besides the KDE Connect, you can use gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect if you’d prefer the Gnome project. In this post, we will set up KDE COnnect between an Android HTC phone and Arch Linux. On Android install the KDE Connect from the Play Market. On Linux, install from… Read More »

Calibre Web: home in-browser online-library with Nextcloud storage and Moon+ Reader on Android

7 January 2020

 I’m using Calibre for my e-books library management for many years, but until today always used its desktop version. A couple of days ago I found the Calibre Web project – the same library, working with the same database, but accessible via a browser. The idea is to move away from storing books in Google… Read More »


4 March 2019

 Proceeding fighting with our UI auto-tests 🙂 Two previous posts were really useful this time – Android Studio: установка на Linux и работа с Android Virtual Devices and Appium: Android Virtual Device, Original error: Condition unmet after 60159 ms и костыль. In general – tests works fine but sometimes gives me interesting issues. This time… Read More »