OpsGenie: Uptrends integration

By | 09/24/2019

Uptrends – just a simple pinging monitoring service already used for the RTFM blog (see the Prometheus: RTFM blog monitoring set up with Ansible – Grafana, Loki, and promtail post for more details).

Now I’d like to add it as an additional alerting service for the project’s API-endpoints and configure its alerts to be sent via OpsGenie, where we have mobile alerts configured, see the Prometheus: OpsGenie и Alertmanager — уведомления в почту/SMS/телефон (Rus).

Integration is very simple: OpsGenie will create an email-box, where Uptrends will send its messages.

Go to the https://app.opsgenie.com/settings/integration/add/UptrendsEmail:

Save it.

Go to the Uptrends – Alerts – Alert definitions:

Edit the Default alert as we are on the Free plan here and can’t create more then one.

In the Escalation Level 1 tab set the email box generated by the OpsGenie:

And check it – set some non-working domain to be checked, and wait for the alert to be triggered:

And the same alert in the OpsGenie: