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Linux: GPG-keys, Pass – passwords manager, and passwords import from the KeePass database

25 April 2019

 pass – a password manager for Linux/UNIX. Stores data in tree-based directories/files structure and encrypts files with a GPG-key. In Arch Linux present by default, in Debian can be installed using apt from default repositories: For macOS can be installed with Homebrew: The pass itself is just a bash-script: GPG keys management Creating GPG key… Read More »

Arch Linux: Albion Online – Unable to preload the following plugins:

14 April 2019

 Didn’t play in Albion Online for a while, but recalled about it and tried to play on my Arch Linux. It works fine from the Steam client, but I bought with a start package some time ago and can’t log in to Steam’s version with my old credentials. Okay – download game from the,… Read More »

JetBrains Upsource: installation, configuration on Linux with NGINX and SSL and PyCharm integration

2 April 2019

 Upsource is a self-hosted service from JetBrains for code reviews by teams of developers which can be integrated with any IDE from JetBrains. Is a Java-based application with Apache Cassandra as a backend for storing data and indexes. Minima requirements – 8 GiB memory on a host – not surprise at all. Up to 10… Read More »

Kubernetes: running Minikube on Arch Linux

27 March 2019

 Minikube – a utility to run a Kubernetes cluster locally on your PC. It can use Virtualbox, VMware, Hyper-V etc hypervisors which will be used to create a virtual machine with a Kubernetes cluster. Minikube is a great tool for developers or DevOps engineers to test deployments/services etc without the need to create and configure… Read More »

What is: chroot – the system call and utility in Linux

23 March 2019

 chroot() was added to the Version 7 Unix in 1979 and used for filesystem isolation. In fact, it’s the predecessor of the whole current containerization idea, just now there are namespaces and cgroups are used while earlier chroot was used to create an environment which is isolated from a host and can be used for… Read More »

TestRail: QA Test Case Management installation on Linux

22 March 2019

 TestRail – Test Case Management Software for QA and Development Teams. Well – that’s all needed as a description) Below – its installation on Debian Linux with NGINX, Let’s Encrypt, PHP-FPM, MariaDB, and Exim. Project’s homepage – Installation official documentation – here>>>. Setup will be on an AWS EC2. LEMP and SSL Login to… Read More »