Daily Archives: 05/17/2020

AWS: CloudFormation – using Conditions, Fn::Equals, and Fn::If – an example

17 May 2020

 I have a CloudFormation stack with VPC Peerings, in that case, it’s a peering between VPC of a new Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster and VPC of the Prometheus monitoring stack. The EKS cluster’s stack and its whole automation creation were described in the AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service: a cluster creation automation, part 1 – CloudFormation… Read More »

Docker: configure tzdata and timezone during build

17 May 2020

 During a Docker image build – it stops asking to configure the tzdata. Dockerfile at this moment is the next: FROM ubuntu:18.04 RUN apt update && apt install -y python-pip python-dev ssh python-boto3 RUN pip install ansible== Let’s reproduce – run the build: And here it hangs waiting for us enter data, and even after… Read More »