Daily Archives: 03/17/2019

Terraform: main commands, state-files, backend storages, and modules in examples on AWS

17 March 2019

  Examples of how to use Terraform, work with its backends and modules. Here will set up a simple EC2 instance in AWS and will store Terraform’s state-files in an AWS S3 bucket. In short terms – but with real examples and links to documentation. Installation on Arch Linux: For authorization will use an existing… Read More »

NextCloud: installing server on Debian behind NGINX with PHP-FPM and client on Arch Linux

17 March 2019

  After the news that Dropbox adds a new limitation for users by the three devices only – I’m finally ready to install my own NextCloud to store and synchronize data. The sad thing is not exactly the three devices limit (and it will be applied for a new users only – old user who… Read More »