Jira: filters and email notifications about tickets

By | 05/10/2020

Last time I’ve started more working with Jira and got to know some nice and useful features.

One of them is the ability to get email notifications about current/future tickets.

So, a ticket has the Due Date field. By our processes – developers will sate a date here when they are expecting the task to be done by my devops-team.

Such tickets are placed to a dedicated “Fixed date” column to be visually more noticeable in a Kanban board:

The problem here is the fact, that in this column we will have tickets only in the ToDo status, but while such a task still in the Backlog – we will don’t see it until will go directly to the Backlog board.

So, what I want to have is to get a daily email notification with a list of such tickets that weren’t taken in action and wasn’t moved to the ToDo.

Let’s use search filters with the JQL and the Subscriptions feature of the Jita software.

Go to the Search – Advanced search:


Switch to the JQL:

Let’s think about the filer:

  • the Component field of a ticket must be DevOps (it used by us and developers to make tickets visible on the devops-team boards)
  • a ticket has to have Due Date field filled
  • a ticket has either Backlog or Dev backlog staus

As a result, I have the next filter’s query:

component = DevOps AND duedate is not EMPTY AND status in (Backlog, "Dev Backlog")

Make search:

Save the filter – Save as:

Go to the Details and configure a New subscription:

Set recipients, frequency, and time to send an email: