Monthly Archives: July 2019

Kubernetes: part 1 – architecture and main components overview

25 July 2019

  On my current project for our mobile applications, we have an API-backend on the Yii PHP-framework, which is working now on an ordinary LEMP stack – Linux/NGINX/PHP-FPM/MySQL (AWS EC2 + MariaDB RDS). Eventually, it’s time to break this monolith into microservices which will be orchestrated by the Kubernetes and will be running on the… Read More »

AWS: S3 Cross-Region Replication with DeleteMarkers set up

17 July 2019

 At this moment I’m configuring a new CDN for our project. Will use CloudFront and Cloudflare here so need to create two dedicated buckets with different names – => CloudFront and => Cloudflare. To avoid coping data each time to both buckets – an AWS S3 Cross-Region Replication can be used, so data… Read More »