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Steam: Civilization V, Arch Linux and ERROR:Invalid resolutions constraints: 0x0 must not be greater than 0x0

27 April 2020

 I’m using Steam on Arch Linux (see the Arch Linux: Steam installation). And I have Civilization V game here – my favorite game for last N-years. I have NVIDIA drivers installed and most of the games work fine, even World Of Tanks, but I wasn’t able to play Civilization from the moment I’ve installed Steam… Read More »

Arch Linux: Albion Online – Unable to preload the following plugins: libSDL2-2.0.so.0

14 April 2019

 Didn’t play in Albion Online for a while, but recalled about it and tried to play on my Arch Linux. It works fine from the Steam client, but I bought with a start package some time ago and can’t log in to Steam’s version with my old credentials. Okay – download game from the https://albiononline.com/ru/download,… Read More »

Arch Linux: installation, troubleshooting and playing EVE Online

4 March 2019

 After the successful installation of WoT on my new Arch Linux setup (see the World of Tanks: installing and running on Arch Linux post) I decided to “achieve the next milestone” – install EVE Online. On a Google search by the “EVE Online Linux” request, I found the wiki.eveuniversity.org guide and tried to use it… Read More »