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Chromium: Linux, keyrings && Secret Service, passwords encryption and store

10 December 2019

 One of the motives to go deeper into the keyrings (see the What is: Linux keyring, gnome-keyring, Secret Service, and D-Bus post) was the fact that Chromium, surprise-surprise, keep passwords unencrypted if a Linux system has no keyring and/or Secret Service enabled. So, let’s try to find how and where Chromium store passwords, and the… Read More »

Chromium: Youtube error 400

19 February 2019

 In the Chromium browser (and not only the one I believe) sometimes the 400 error can happen. There are two solutions: first, most simple – just to clear all data via Settings => Clear browsing data. The second one has googled on Reddit here>>> with a hint that the error appears because of the The Great Suspender plugin… Read More »